Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Surveillance investigation – The Best Way Of Crime Inspection

Private surveillance is one of the fundamental parts of private investigations. Surveillance is considered as an art in most of the case assignments of private investigation. Surveillance investigation needs a certain level of ability in a person who can listen or watch the suspects without the knowledge of the latter. Surveillance investigations generally involves audio recordings, pictures, video clippings and so on.
There are various types of surveillance investigations:

This kind of investigation generally depends on the type of an assignment. As for example: an infidelity case. Now here, the accused adulterer will not be cautious about being watched or followed. So evidence should be in the form of pictures or photographs.

Insurance cases for personal injury are another type which requires surveillance investigation. Here, most of the attorneys of the victims keep them aware of the fact that they are being watched or followed. So the detectives can record videos through hidden micro cameras.

Do you think you are able enough to be sneaky? No, you aren’t! It is always better to hire a professional. What can be more embarrassing if you get caught? Moreover the investigation will go in vein!

Group One Investigation is one of the best private investigator Australia. It is one of a kind Melbourne based investigation organization with strong results and with some of the domestic and corporate clients in Australia. Almost every employee has an experience of ten years at least in this industry. The investigations consist of simple activity reports as well as complex cases of corporate frauds. From the moment, you are giving your case to Group One investigators; you can expect that the case will be dealt with utmost priority and professionalism. Group One is a three sixty degree investigation agency with corporate tie ups all over the world. These people have experienced forensic experts. It does not matter for them, where you are located.

They are at your service everywhere in Australia and globally. They do not remove an investigator all of a sudden. If an investigator is investigating a case, they are allowed to handle it till the end. If necessary, then they are allowed to travel intercity and intercity at a first class service.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Surveillance Investigations – What &How it is done

There might come a time in life where to prove a point one might need the help of the perpetrator themselves as obviously they would possess the entire evidence. This can be done only when the person in question is closely followed and gain information about his actions.

Surveillance investigation has become the norm of any investigator performing their services for domestic purposes like finding about matrimonial infidelity, any case of suspicious insurance claims, teenage activity reports, online profile checks, neighborhood disputes and many such more activities. This activity is generally carried out without the knowledge of the person involved based on the assumption that for whatever the purpose the surveillance is made will definitely occur. Many of the acclaimed Victorian detective services even include and assist their client’s requirements in situation of child support in case of divorces with accordance to the family law of Melbourne.

There are umpteen numbers of techniques that the hired investigator follows to investigate in domestic cases, insurance claim or even worker’s compensation. To document the person’s action accurately, either stationery or mobile or at times combination of both techniques are implemented. The process of surveillance investigation is a tad bit tedious which involves can be achieved if certain steps are followed diligently.  

As they say, the preparatory work of the surveillance should begin at home as the private investigators should be equipped with at least the fundamental necessities like video recorder, camera, GPS, binoculars, and so on that are required for the investigation. The investigator should be completely aware of the place, situation and should make effective on the spot surveillance decision. The investigators while performing the act should also anticipate and be ready for any confrontations and should tackle it appropriately.

The investigator also might have chances to tail the target vehicles and should take appropriate precautions depending whether the tailing is done on city or country roads. In spite of the drive in, the investigator should also be observant of the surroundings at the same time should be ‘invisible’ to the person in question. The toughest part of any surveillance investigations company is that when done by foot as he has to closely follow the person in question without being noticed.

The surveillance can be proven beneficial if the techniques are followed without any glitches.

Monday, 12 August 2013

A Sneak peek in to the Private Investigator’s Surveillance Technology

Like any other industry, there has been a great transformation in the working pattern of detective agencies ever since Eugene Francois Videos, the French soldier, had founded it. The industry is now growing in leaps and bounds with huge demand for the services at both corporate and domestic levels.

Today, the private investigator services has become a part and parcel of not only in civil or criminal cases but has also ventured and expanded to corporate like performing a back ground check of the employees , due diligence report and so on. Apart from this, there is also a growing trend in using those services for domestic purposes which should be handled with utmost care.

In an investigator’s life, the most significant part of his job, irrespective of his preference, is observing and assimilating the information or simply put, surveillance. The private investigator company in surveillance is most essential in cases like infidelity, checking the credibility of the investors, finding about embezzlement accusations and even on certain insurance cases.

Owing to the importance of the surveillance and to be prepared for anything, a good private investigator always stash certain basic equipments including binoculars, recorders, video cameras and many such more in their surveillance vehicles. 

Apart from the above mentioned equipments, there are other imperative things that are needed by them for surveillance. Similar to any other professionals belonging to other industries, the private investigators are also on par with the technical advancements. If not for others, the invention of Global positioning system (GPS) has been a boon to these investigators as it enables them to navigate the roads and follow their subject with the complete awareness of what to expect next, at least in terms of the commutation. The other equipments that are found in the surveillance vehicle are    power inverter, battery jump starters, a can of fix a flat to clog the leak in car types, Mono pad( for an accurate video documentation), tri pod, memory cards, convert cameras and many such more. 

Besides the aforementioned items, the role of internet has also penetrated into the private investigators services as a comprehensive check on the individual like phone numbers, any cases or friends could be gathered at the finger tips. Thanks to social media, the surveillance has become easier than ever before. With its diverse application, it is important for the private investigator services company to keep themselves abreast with the technological advancements.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Best Private Investigator Will Take Care Of Commercial and Domestic Investigations

You may have the need for a private investigator for various reasons. You may want to carry out surveillance on someone or you may have the need for some information regarding your arch rival or you may be looking into investigating a family member or even having a purely commercial and legal investigation requirement; you need the best and the most professional private investigators for the job.

Commercial investigations and professional expertise

When you need commercial and domestic investigations to be carried out, you need to hire the best commercial and domestic investigation company. They offer services of through professionals who have decades of experience in the field. They have the close working knowledge of the processes and the systems recurrently used by the industry and can save valuable time that can be in turn used for handling relevant issues. Commercial investigations and private investigator surveillance reports are also required by various credit management companies and debt collection services and such. They provide use information to you who can prove to be very valuable and important.

Domestic investigations and professional expertise

A professional commercial and domestic investigations company offers specialized services such as round the clock surveillance, activity reports, undercover discreet operations, polygraph testing, email tracing and internet based investigations, employee theft investigations and counter measures, fraud investigations, hidden asset locations and assert tracing, missing persons, counterfeit and intellectual property  investigations, family law, child custody matters, litigation support services, witness locations, background checks, due diligence, sale and hire of surveillance, detection and recording equipment and such. Their investigators are licensed by the government and are under strict confidence agreements. They have decades of experience that always helps. They have highly experienced investigators with the unique ability to confidently accept different types of investigations from basic activity reports to complex corporate fraud investigations.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Private Investigators Restore Order For You

The image of a private investigator or a detective is set in our mind thanks to many detective stories, books and movies on the subject. It is, however, not necessary that a private investigator must work out of dingy offices or that he must tail witnesses, in fact, many of the events depicted in fiction are not really possible or even legal!

What is a private investigator?

Essentially, a private investigator is one who gathers facts for a fee. Typically, a private investigator works for private citizens or businesses. A detective is employed to collect information. A private investigator can also be used to perform due diligence for a financier who may be considering investing money in a fund or other high-risk business or investment venture. Australian Private Investigators must be licensed by the licensing authority pertinent to the State they are in. This applies to all States except the Australian Capital Territory. Private investigators operating as companies also need to hold a business licence as well as all operators holding an individual licence. The licences are typically administered and regulated by the State Police, though in some states this can also be managed by other government agencies.

Professional and timely assistance, extreme confidentiality

Today we find highly experienced Australian private investigators who have decades of experience of catering to businesses as well as private parties. This is very helpful as they can take up diverse investigations ranging from basic activity reports to complex corporate fraud investigations to difficult surveillance operations. They undertake surveillance, polygraph testing email tracing and internet based investigations, employee theft investigations and counter measures, fraud investigations, hidden assets location and tracing, missing persons and counterfeit and intellectual property investigations among others. Most private investigators have a wide network across Australia, sometimes even across the world. And, contrary to popular belief, all this is very reasonable. In fact, the cost of hiring a Private Detective Melbourne is very less.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Choose the best private investigator Australia for both corporate & domestic matters

Private Investigator
There are times when we need professional investigations to get into the depth of matters. Some inspections are the result of curiosity while others are for some serious issue like if you are running a business you might want to screen employees for your business; the necessity may arise to find a long missing family member, old friend; investigations of hidden asset locations etc. Besides these, there are many other valid reasons also which will prompt you to hire a private investigator or Forensic Investigators . Selecting an efficient and right private investigator that is compatible with your requirements is a major decision. So, doing your homework of selecting a professional investigator in the beginning is a wise decision as this will allow you to save your time and money.

Before exploring the grounds on which you can select the best private investigator Australia, get a brief note on the functions of a private investigator. Private investigators, also called as a private eye, are proficient individuals who offer wide range of investigation services ranging from background screening to process service. These skilled private provide their services to individuals, businesses, legal representatives and insurance companies to assist them in solving their issues. But selecting a competent Private Investigator Australia is not a easy task, there are many factors which need to be consider while choosing a private investigator, like:
  • Firstly, settling on your needs is highly important. Finding out the matter what you need to be investigated is vital before you even ponder hiring a private investigator.
  • Scout out for a company that provides a handful of very skilled private investigators. Some firms providing investigative services hold specialization in some particular checks while some are specialised in all segments. 
  • Always check for references from the people around you for the authenticity and reliability of the firm offering investigative services.
  •  Keep tabs on the hired private investigator about the developments on the case allotted. 
Today, in the world of Internet, the number of digital forensics cases has been increasing progressively. To inspect and examine such cyber crimes, forensic investigators are deployed. A forensic investigator carries out his/her search by first creating a sketch of the scene, including the victims, evidence, and anything else important related to the case. Subsequently, with the help of all this collected information the investigator determines what the crime was which helps in creating a drawing of the crime scene.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Significance of Selecting the Best Private Investigator Surveillance Services

Anyone who know what the detective service is would also know about Sherlock Holmes. This character is the most well known fictional detective, in the world. Such astounding is its popularity that there are many detective services offering agencies which have named themselves after him. However, the reality is quite different from the fictional world.

Almost everyone considers that the real time detectives look and behave like Sherlock Holmes. However, in real life, there is nothing specific common between any detective with the popular fictional character. Apart from that, they even differ in looks from their own contemporaries. It is these characteristics that make recognizing a detective extremely difficult. Better these professionals can camouflage themselves, more efficient and effective they are on the field.

Currently, there are many Victorian Detective Services offering agency present in the neighborhood. However, not all of them can be considered efficient in their services. Hiring an effective Private Investigator Surveillance executive can make a tremendous difference. This is the reason it is essential to remain careful and maintain patience while searching for these agencies.

Cost is certainly a crucial factor of consideration. However, it should not be given the sole importance. Also remember that the high price of the services does not make it of high quality and exclusive. It is the employees, working in the agency, whose hard work, intelligence and knowledge differentiates a good detective agency from inexpert. Anyone who is looking for best detective services offering agency, should, therefore, focus on the level of knowledge and skill, possessed by its resources.